The “Life Goals” Philosophy 

When it comes to your life, we don’t simply think in terms of financial planning. Rather, we work with you to establish life goals. We offer solutions and guidance that will help you achieve those goals – whatever they may be, and whenever in life they may occur.

We guide clients through complex financial situations that occur throughout all stages of life. First, by getting to know you, your family and your goals, so we can address your individual needs. Secondly, by approaching all of your wealth management opportunities collaboratively and comprehensively – working as a team with our own wealth management advisors, trust officers, and investment management professionals, as well as your other advisors, attorneys and CPAs. So you can trust that not only are your life goals in place with us, we really are in the business of helping you try to reach them.

The “Life Stages” Approach

The secret to success in wealth management is understanding that it’s ongoing. That continued motion is what we do best. From starting a college fund to preparing your estate plan, we work with you through all life stages, helping to find the solutions for you and your unique situation.

The Five Life Stages of Wealth Management:


When setting a life goal, compiling finances and saving is often at the core. With our Build stage, we can help you meet your goals for college funding, a vacation home, retirement, leisure and inheritance.

Issues handled under the Build stage: Investments; Stock Options.


We tend to take on a lot throughout our lives, and factors like marriage, a second marriage, children, a home and a business create their own challenges. That’s where the Protect stage comes in.

Issues handled under the Protect stage: Durable Power of Attorney.


Life throws the unexpected our way, but the Plan stage helps you prepare for such situations, like selling a business, changing jobs, job loss, divorce, empty nesting, re-nesting, market volatility and business liability.

Issues handled under the Plan stage: Qualified Retirement Plan/IRA; Executor/Trustee.


We all reach a point when it’s time to allocate our funds. The Distribute stage is in place to assist in fund allocations related to retirement, semi-retirement, venturing into a second career, volunteering, estate planning and charitable giving.

Issues handled under the Distribute stage: Titling of Assets; Distribution of Wealth at Death.


When transferring wealth, it’s not typically a simple task – whether it’s during life, upon death, or establishing control after. The Transfer stage can help make these tasks feel more manageable.

Issues handled under the Transfer stage: Charitable Gifting During Life; Charitable Inclinations at Death; Gifting to Children/Descendant.

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