Investments that are customized for you.

It's our belief that the "right" investments are the ones that best fit your personal wants and needs. At FNN Trust Company, we work with you through every step of the investment process. We focus on understanding your life goals, and we assess your individual needs, such as risk tolerance and current financial liabilities. Then we utilize our years of experience and expertise to create an investment plan that is appropriate for you, and helps you achieve your future goals.

Investment services from FNN Trust Company will be serviced locally, but processed through First National Bank of Omaha. Here is how the FNN Trust Company investment process works:

  • We establish your life goals and financial objectives. 
  • Your investment team employs a disciplined approach of allocating assets among the three major asset classes: equities, bonds and cash. 
  • Based on the long-term valuations of each asset class, as well as an assessment of market conditions, we set target weightings with one goal in mind – seeking to provide you with above-average, risk-adjusted returns.

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